Sunday, August 3, 2008

Flickr updates

I just updated my Flickr page with the complete series of photos from Bradley and Deborah.
If you want to check them out, just clik on the link to the Flickr page on the right under "Work".


Bela Adu said...

I had a look to the whole Bradley set. There are many pictures I like, but I have one great great favorite: 080617-Bradley-093. Sometimes I dream that I’m flying and I look just like him in this picture. It is amazing … how did he manage to land without getting hurt? In my sleep I am safe … but him?
Looking to the whole set I wonder whether he was using something to aid him bounce. Was he? How is it humanly possible to jump like this? I’m so impressed!

Bela Adu said...

I thought you wanted your blog to be more of a dialogue. It is no fun to write and ask questions and get no reply. I don’t enjoy adding my monologue to yours, so I’m going to mind my own business.

Paolo said...

I'm sorry that our friend Bela Adu (or whoever is hidden behind that username) took it personal but... I can't disclose all of my secrets, right?!
Bradley is a well trained professional dancer and he does that for a living so, maybe, your questions should be addressed to him.
My job was to record his extraordinary abilities with the help of a proper lighting, that's all, but he's the one that flies and, eventually, lands safely on his feet!