Sunday, June 8, 2008

Forza Vale!!

In congratulating Valentino Rossi for his second spot at the MotoGP in Spain today I want to post a photo of Cesar Cazares dancing under the moon light. We took these photos some time ago and probably you saw them on-line on my flickr page already but since now I have a blog...why not!
Here I used the lamp post as key, a snooted and gelled strobe camera left as fill and another gelled strobe behind the post to "kick" the moon light on the ground. I think it turned out nice. Maybe I should have shot this image when there was still some light in the sky but unfortunately Cesar wasn't available at that time and maybe the background would have distracted the viewer. After all I think it's a good image, what do you think?
You can see some other photos from the same set here.
After a few photos we changed the lights' set-up and we moved the back light to camera right to cross light Cesar. They also turned out ok I think but then the floor was drying out and ... the guard told us it was time for us to get lost...
Next time you go buy grocery at your local Trader Joe's in Pasadena (Del Mar and Lake), check this spot out, it's right beside the entrance.

Oh, by the way, using water on the ground it's a trick I freely took from Joe McNally. His work is of inspiration to me as to many other photographers that like to play with small strobes and make them look like big ones (and here I just quoted him). I'm obviously not anywhere close to his results here but I'm learning and surely having fun doing it. Check out his blog for his latest adventures.