Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sexy Transportation

When I saw that the Strobist was calling for an assignment about transportation I said, why not! So I asked my friend Sarkis (that by the way is also my trustworthy mechanic) if he had a car worth the effort. It turns out that, not only he owns a wonderful 1972 Pantera de Tomaso, he also knows a friend, Brad, who has literally built a superb Cobra! As you say, two birds with a stone.

The shoot took place last Saturday in Pasadena, just in time to submit a photo for the Strobist assignment and it took a whole afternoon of preparation and set-up. My friend Juanse, also gave me a hand, one of those big hands that without you don't do much. Thanks Juanse!

By the way, the preparation for the shoot is worth a post by itself so I'll leave it for next time when Juanse gives me the shots he took while we were setting everything up.

For now enjoy the pictures and let me know what you think. You can also see them here on Flickr where I put some more details about how I shot them.

Thanks to Sarkis and Brad for letting me shoot their babies, I hope you like what came out of an afternoon of work.

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