Friday, September 17, 2010

Shoot the CEO...and all the founders

Almost a year has past since my last post. Lot's of things happening, Emma has become already a little lady and she'll soon have a little sister. I haven't done a lot of shooting lately but recently I was asked to shoot the portraits of the founders of a start-up company here in Pasadena and I took the occasion to post one of the photos.

This is Malcolm Cloyd, CEO and founder of ATS, a.k.a. Advanced TeleSensors Inc. I also shot all the other founders and used the same lighting scheme for all. Kind of pleased with the result, even though I wish I had used a hair light too to give him a little more separation from the background. Simple set-up, softbox camera right as key, reflector camera left as small fill, backlight on subject's right shoulder and background light hitting the curtain behind him.

May these photos bring good fortune to ATS and its founders. One day I might be able to say that I was the first one to shoot them before they became famous!

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