Sunday, September 13, 2009

Emma, films and more...

Marta and I have been quite busy in the last four months, the little lady in the photo here is Emma, our superstar! So, not too much time for pictures actually, besides those of hers of course!

She is really a lot of fun and we've never been so happy. I have been photographing her in all sorts of set-ups, from natural light to multiple flashes, but the one I think came out nicer so far is this one.

Just one light by the love chair, very low, actually sitting on a shelf by the chair. It seems like she's on a mattress or something like that but actually it's one of those Asian chairs shaped like a walnut shell. I just love the way she's looking at proud of her!

With the arrival of Emma I also got to discover and experiment a new thing for me: film! To make my friend John Free happy ;-) I got an old Nikon F3 (like 25 years old) and then a much newer Nikon F100. I love both of them for different reasons and the results I got from film with the scanner that Scott was super kind to lend me are pretty good, I think.

Here is an example of a shot taken with Ilford XP2 400 and the F3.

Just natural light here, but I love it.
We've been already camping with her in Yosemite (more about that later) and on the way back we stopped at June Lake and got this.

Same film, same camera, old stuff, old school, still pretty good! At last, we also stopped at the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, amazing place, seriously, the oldest living being on Earth, how cool is that?! I mean, 4700 years old!!! Still standing, a little beaten up if you want, but hey, 4700 years old!

Here's one of them with the eastern Sierra in the back. Just beautiful! I shot this with the F100 and a Portra 160 NC film. I also tried some Velvia 50 slides but haven't got them back yet from the store.

By the way, they accepted my photos for the Pasadena ARTWalk again!! Put it down on your calendar, Saturday October 10, 2009, booth #4 at the corner between Colorado and El Molino in Pasadena! Come on over to see some prints and possibly, bring them home with you for a very reasonable price!

Finally, I'll be shooting some super cool cars next weekend and if what I have in mind works...well, it's gonna be really something!


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