Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sculpting Giangi's body

Giangi and I had this idea in mind for some time. I was picturing him bare chested against the sunset sky somewhere in the forest. For the lighting, among others, I was inspired by Martin Prihoda, check him out here. A simple three lights set-up. Two behind Giangi on each side to make a nice rim of highlights and one in front of him high up and shot through an umbrella to light up his face and his body.
For this photoshoot, also, I was going to use for the first time many new toys that I spent endless hours working on in the past few weeks. More on that at the end of the post along with some strobist info.

I wanted him to look strong and powerful and highlight his muscles. I had in mind some old photo of Bruce Lee and stuff like that. We were also tempted to take some action shots but then with this lighting I thought we were better off with static ones.
Still, I think his intensity and his strength come through.

Recently I heard that the magazine "In Touch" voted David Beckham for the best abs of the star system for his photoshoot as a testimonial for Emporio Armani ... well, I think our Giangi would have ranked pretty high too, if they only knew about him!
You can see Beckham here just for the sake of comparison, of course.

You can see some more of Giangi's muscles here. Also, I know there is a long list of girls that were waiting for these photos to come out so... what do you think? Is he good or what? Why don't you leave your comments here?

For our strobists, there is a photo with the lighting set-up and a few more details here. Anyway, now that everything worked out, I must say that those speed straps are really cool. I made them myself and used them to gel the flashes, attach the flags on the two flashes behind Giangi and to hold the grid and the gel on the one above him.
I'll soon post some more info on how I did those and a few more light shaping tools I have been playing with recently.

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