Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bradley and the Moon

Yesterday night I was browsing the photos I shot with Bradley and decided again that there was something worth showing. After the shoot was over we noticed that a wonderful full moon was rising right in front of us and we took some more photos with natural light. Of all the pictures I took I think this is the best.

I also want to show a portrait of him where in my opinion he looks like a gladiator. This was taken with the same lights' set-up you already saw. Two flashes camera left, a full CTO+1/4 on one as key, the sun as fill and a red gel on the second flash for contrast with the blue sky.

I like his intense look in this photo and I must say it wasn't posed since I took it in between sessions while he was resting and thinking about the next jump to try for the shoot.

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1 comment:

Bela Adu said...

You had your Goddess; here is the God, the ‘God of LA’! ;-)
Don’t you think they have a similar look? Or they look to the same place … where inspiration comes from.
I don’t like the moon picture though. The background is misty and the moon looks fake to me. It’s all too grayish with the moon too bright. I guess I got spoiled by your fancy lighting.