Wednesday, July 16, 2008

..and one from Deborah

This photo is also one of those we discarded. It was a little too static for what I wanted to represent but I still think it's a powerful portrait of Deborah and I like it a lot.

Her pose and her expression are really "important" to me. She has an austere look, she seems like a goddess, if you know what I mean.
Anyway, I wanted to show it because I like it, that's all.
I hope you enjoy it.

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A couple more from Bradley...

Now that the rush has gone, I have time to show you a few more photos from Bradley's shoot. These were taken at the same time but didn't make it to the final two we chose for the "Elements of Dance" project.

I'm not gonna describe how I took them since I explained that already here. I just wanted to post them because I think they deserve better than being forgotten on my hard drive.

There we go. I will soon post a few more also from Deborah's shoot and then I'll move on to the next project...stay tuned!

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Back from San Diego

I just came back from the annual AP-S conference in San Diego and I posted a few photos on my flickr page inside my Personal folder.
This year at the gala dinner Nuria, Andrea, Giampiero and Peter got a wonderful recognition for their work. Here is a snapshot of Nuria at the dinner!

Join me in congratulating Nuria and her co-authors for their achievement. You can see some more photos from the San Diego trip here and the whole slideshow here.
Have fun and feel free to leave a comment on this blog!

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