Saturday, June 20, 2009

Batman 2 and Pasadena ARTWalk

Last weekend we shot some more Batman pictures. We went to the place where last year I shot Bradley and took some nice shots.

Actually I was a little disappointed with the outcome of the photoshoot but...such is life, you learn by your mistakes.

This time we changed theme and I used a regular CTO on tungsten WB as the baseline for the pictures. The lighting was real simple, a cold light, a warm one in cross lighting pattern and a fill almost on axis with the camera.

You can see some more photos from this shoot here as usual.

This week then I'm gonna submit some of these to the Pasadena ARTWalk to see if they accept me for this year too. Here are the photos I chose to submit to the ARTWalk committee. Then between now and October we'll see if I manage to make some other stuff...

Thanks again to Jones and Erin for being such wonderful superheroes and to Juanse, Natalie and Javier for helping me out with the last shoot.

Stay tuned and wish me good luck!

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Erika said...

What more did you expect Paolo? To me it's
the perfect example of the blue time, that
is l'ora blu!
It's a fantastic selection the one you did
and I love them.
Plus you must have worked out fast on them
all, as the blue time is beautiful to grab
but fades away fast.
I must add... LA helps...
Enjoy Independence Day!!!

Paolo said...

Thanks Erika for your comment! Actually, we shot for about an hour or so...the blue in the sky comes from using an incandescent white balance in the camera. Essentially you tell your camera "hey I'm going to shoot with incandescent light at about 3000K" so the camera think it's going to be warm light and compensate for it to make it look neutral....but then you actually shoot with daylight at about 5500K that feels a lot colder than incandescent and all becomes blue...and then you gel your flashes for your subject to go back to the natural colour of light...simple isn't it?! It's not as romantic as you thought...but that's how it works.

Erika said...

That's why your models look so natural! I guess they would look green otherwise. The
overall effect is soft, as if there was no
flash (which sometimes introduces violent
breaks, that's why I appreciate the way
you are able to master it). Really good!

Erika said...

So... did you make it to the Art Walk?

Paolo said...

YES!!! I just got the letter of acceptance from the Pasadena ARTWalk Association! Now I have to come up with something more to show in October! Any ideas?
A presto