Monday, February 2, 2009

Shooting in Milano

While in Milano for the holidays I agreed to photograph a couple of friends. Guenda and Barbara are terrific dancers and they found an amazing location. Barbara's partner shot a scene of a movie here. It's under a bridge of the "tangenziale", part of Milano's freeway system.

It was a lot of fun. Too bad I only had one strobe with me, but my luggage was already heavy enough.

You can see some more photos here along with a couple of shots of the location. Enjoy

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Erika said...

Great! No kidding! The pictures of the
location are worth too: it looks like a
modern huge gotic cathedral, with those
gigantic columns. I love the one where
I can see below and above, and I feel part
of it (cat-eye?). Great use of the strobe!
It's so natural I thought it was dawn, and
they are gorgeous too! You really have an
excellent optics Paolo for these must have
been taken at 1/250 and are quite neat.
Awesome luminosity! Is that correct? Here
we say 'obiettivo luminoso'!

Paolo said...

You are right, they were shot with a 35mm f/2 lens usually at 1/250 and f/4 or f/8. The strobe is a SB-800 unit remotely fired by the on camera flash that I also used as fill. Both were gelled with a full CTO to make the background more interesting. Thanks for your comment Erika

barbara said...

ciao paolo
ti ringrazio per le foto...
e scusa la risposta tardiva...
hanno riscosso molto successo.
nella foto dove sono da sola ho i capelli buffissimi..
non sembro uscita da un cartone animato?
bella anche la foto di marta che hai nel tuo blog.
ancora grazie.
ps. dovevo scrivere in inglese?

Paolo said...

Ciao Barbara, non ti preoccupare, italiano va benissimo! Mi fa piacere che vi sono piaciute. Appena ho 5 minuti poi mando un CD a Guenda con i files originali. E' stato divertente. La prossima volta lo facciamo in LA!!