Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dancing with Paints - Moorpark Edition

Caitlyn and Gene made another wonderful piece of art in front of a good crowd at the High Studio Gallery in Moorpark last weekend. As you know, it was also the first time I was exhibiting my work in an art gallery and it felt so good!

Caitlyn first danced on the canvas with dancing shoes, then she removed them to continue bare foot and finally Gene finished the work of art with his vision.

It was a great show! There a few more photos here on Flickr as usual, including a couple I took immediately after Caitlyn ... painted the rest of the gallery!

And here is my mug, posing for Marta in front of my photos of the previous show featured in the Gallery. Oh, did I mention it was my first exhibition?
Thanks to all of you that made this possible!

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Crazy time said...

you mentioned it, yes, three times maybe? ;)

congratulations for your first exhibition!!

Paolo said...

Thank you "Crazy time"! I look forward to seeing you guys back in Pasadena for the ARTWalk.

Smartix said...

congratulation! it is just the first one of many more to come.
I'm writing your bio ...

Anonymous said...

dude, we have to work on your u r an artist, grow you hair (all ten of them) and dress more extravagant (want to borrow my fuchsia sweater?), btw, congrats, jng

Paolo said...

Thanks Giangi, I'll take your offer under consideration...I probably should go for the bald look and forget about those 3 hairs the way, do you also have some nice pants? Like those made of piton know, those you were wearing for the Diabolik movie?!