Thursday, June 12, 2008

I love LA!

What can I do. I mean, I love the skyline and finding new spots all the times. I never get tired of it. To me is like looking at the waves of the ocean or the flames of the fire place, I can do it for hours. So, lately I've been browsing around searching for locations for my personal project about dance and I found a few nice spots that I've never seen before.

The photos down here aren't anything special, I know, but if you put together a good subject with a nice background and a good sunset, well, there is the potential for a good shot. Here I'm just missing the subject...and the nice sunset!

This one was taken from the top of a hill off the I-110 close to Ave 26th. I ended up there just to see how the view looked like. I liked it but wasn't impressed. So I moved on and went up the hill above the Police Academy, behind the Dodger Stadium and from there it looked a lot better, I think.

Finally I went downtown and found the spot where eventually I shot Caitlyn. I really like those fountains and that's so far one of the best views of downtown LA I ever seen.

I'm planning to use one of these spots soon for another shoot. Hopefully, I'll be showing something here pretty soon.

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